This quintessential OG Bubba Kush Strain Hemp Flower offers many beneficial effects of cannabidiol and is an all-around favorite. Hand trimmed.
What is Bubba Kush?
Bubba Kush is a hemp flower with medium to large, dense, buds that vary from dark forest green to purple in color, with vibrant orange veins. Its scent is a dynamic, multi-dimensional experience with an earthy coffee-and-cocoa scent. In terms of taste, it has a subtle sweetness and distinct kush flavor that some describe as a mix of wintergreen, grass, and pine. If you are familiar with the Kush strain, you will definitely recognize OG Bubba Kush. For the best flavor experience, try dry herb vaping this one.

Bubba Kush Effects
The Bubba Kush strain of marijuana is well known for its powerful sedative properties, and the OG Bubba Kush hemp flower is quite similar, although with a much lower dose of THC. This flower is best for relaxing after a stressful day or when you need to mellow out, but beware — this strain is powerful! It pushes relaxation to the max for a next-level calming experience, so don’t consume OG Bubba Kush hemp flower unless you’re clear for a long nap. Some describe OG Bubba Kush as the perfect hemp flower for quality sleep. So this one’s definitely best to use at the end of the day, before bed.

Note that OG Bubba Kush can be a little intense on the nose and tongue, so it may not be the best choice for first-time users or those accustomed to a more mild sensory experience.

Bubba Kush Strain Genetics
OG Bubba Kush is a relatively new strain of hemp flower. It was originally bred by Sovereign Fields, combining a pure indica Pre ‘98 Bubba Kush with an unknown high-CBD cultivar of hemp. Because of its unique heritage, this CBD-enhanced version of Bubba Kush contains not only CBD, but CBC and CBGA too. If you’re a fan of OG genetics, you will not be disappointed.

What is Bubba Kush’s THC Level?
There is a strain of marijuana also known as Bubba Kush, and shouldn’t be confused with OG Bubba Kush hemp flower. The marijuana version typically comes with a high THC content, ranging from 15% to 22%. Our OG Bubba Kush hemp flower, however, contains just 0.66% total THC. This is higher than the 0.03% restriction for industrial hemp, so keep in mind that this strain may not be legal in your state.

Please note that this is a natural agricultural product, so small variations in THC and CBD concentrations can be expected.

Is Bubba Kush Sativa or Indica?
The Cannabis plant genus contains two similar yet essentially different species: Cannabis indica (aka marijuana) and Cannabis sativa (aka hemp). Most hemp flowers’ genetics contain genes from both Indica and Sativa plants, but they often lean more heavily to one side or the other in terms of gene expression.

OG Bubba Kush is an Indica-dominant strain. Indica-dominant hemp flowers are typically dense, round, and dark green or purple in color. They smell piney or sweet, and taste spicy or creamy. Bubba Kush in particular has a scent reminiscent of coffee and cocoa, with trademark kush flavor that leans toward the piney aspect of Indica.

How Much CBD is in OG Bubba Kush?
Because OG Bubba Kush is an Indica-dominant hemp flower, you may expect it to contain the high amounts of THC commonly associated with marijuana. However, OG Bubba Kush was not bred for THC — it was bred for CBD, and it’s extremely CBD heavy at that! Our OG Bubba Kush hemp flowers contain 19.59% total CBD, 0.3% CBGa, and virtually no delta-9 THC, although it does contain .75% THCa.

High-CBD strains like OG Bubba Kush are likely to require a smaller dose to achieve desired CBD-related effects, making them more efficient compared to other flowers with a lower CBD content.

What is the Terpene Profile of OG Bubba Kush?
OG Bubba Kush primarily contains the following terpenes:

Is OG Bubba Kush Organic?
When you’re shopping for hemp flowers, you want to make sure that they are organic. This means that they were grown in clean soil free of insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, disinfectants, etc. These chemicals, as well as other contaminants, can ruin your hemp flower experience and potentially harm you.

Collectively known as pesticides, these chemicals can be beneficial to the farmers, but not to consumers. Pesticide inhalation may be linked to respiratory issues and even Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome (CHS), which is known to cause nausea, vomiting, and abdominal pain in cannabis consumers. Fortunately for the farmers, the terpenes naturally present in hemp flowers function as an all-natural pesticide.

But what about our OG Bubba Kush hemp flowers? For your health and peace of mind, all products offered by Sweet Leaf Hemp Farms are 100% organic and free of heavy metals. Our mission at Sweet Leaf Hemp Farms is to provide only the best hemp flowers to consumers. Aside from flowers that look, smell, and taste amazing, we strive for the utmost in quality to surprise and delight our customers with each order.