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CBG is appropriately nicknamed “The Mother of Cannabinoids” because of its ability to synthesize other major cannabinoids which enable the potential benefits of a neuro protectant, antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant. With 15.1% cbg and 0.16% total THC the White Whale strain will likely be a favorite once you try it. The light green frosty buds are covered with trichomes and you will see why it has been appropriately named white whale. This strain has a light citrusy taste and when smoked, it produces a relaxed stress-free feeling. This is a very unique CBG flower.

Suggested Use: Day / Night

Great high quality Oregon grown CBD flower.

All our premium CBD Hemp Flower products go through 3rd party testing. White Whale tests out with a 17% CBGA and under . 3%THC delta 9 in accordance with Farm Bill sec. 7606 of The Agricultural Act of 2014.

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