Frosted Lime Premium Hemp Flower

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Frosted Lime is a Sativa dominant premium hemp strain. Sticky and fragrant, Frosted Lime is perfect for daytime, offering an upbeat and energetic experience.

Effects of Frosted Lime Hemp Flower

The Frosted Lime hemp flower strain’s primary terpenes are limonene, myrcene, and beta-caryophyllene. This creates a refreshing clean pine and citrus scent that intensifies when the bud is broken apart. During consumption, Frosted Lime has a very strong citrus flavor with a bitter skunky aftertaste.

Frosted Lime is a perfect daytime hemp flower, with upbeat and energetic effects. It makes a great pick-me-up for when you’re feeling down, first thing in the morning, or when you need a little extra energy after lunch. It first hits with its trademark lime citrus flavor, then induces a feeling of wellbeing with a light buzz that makes you want to get things done. It may also encourage creativity. Frosted Lime’s effects die down fairly quickly, but still avoid consuming Frosted Lime in the evening unless you plan to stay up for a while.

History of the Frosted Lime Hemp Flower

The Frosted Lime hemp flower strain is Sativa-dominant. This plant is the result of a combination of Frosty with another, undisclosed strain by cannabis breeder Phytonyx. Frosty is Indica-dominant with mellow, focused effects, so it is likely that the other parent strain was Sativa-dominant with a very strong citrus flavor and aroma.

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