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Suver Haze is a strain of hemp flower descendant from Special Sauce crossed with Neville’s Haze. This strain has a unique and intoxicating terpene profile.
Suver Haze is a particularly special strain to Oregon because it is the resulting strain of the only Type III Hemp flower found in the F2 test grow from 2015. This strain has a unique and intoxicating terpene profile that must be experienced to be truly appreciated.

What is Suver Haze?

Suver Haze is a low-THC, high-CBD hemp flower. It originated in southern Oregon, and is a Sativa dominant hybrid that descends from a cross between a Neville’s Haze male a Krishna’s Special Sauce female. Because Suver Haze was bred out of a cannabis lineage shared with marijuana, it looks, smells, and tastes very much like marijuana. However, this particular breeding technique is used because it creates high CBD levels that can’t be achieved through industrial hemp genetics alone.

Our Suver Haze hemp flower contains 0.8% total THC and 18.44% total CBD.

Suver Haze Hemp Flower Effects

Suver Haze has an earthy flavor with of orange and black pepper. Some people liken it to the experience of walking barefoot through an orange plantation at harvesting time. Overall it offers a fairly typical hemp flower experience and relaxing effect thanks to its high CBD content. Users report increased relaxation, eased anxiety and depression, and relief from chronic pain and headaches. The effects tend to come on very fast, although there is no kind of “high”. Suver Haze lasts for about 4 hours. If you are a fan of Krishna’s Special Sauce, then you are sure to like Suver Haze as well.

How to Use Suver Haze Hemp Flower

Suver Haze is recommended for either daytime or nighttime use, although for some people it may be an ideal strain for consuming just before bed. If you are interested in trying it for sleep benefits, make sure that it’s okay if you end up staying up, as effects can vary from individual to individual.

For best results, Suver Haze should be vaped or smoked. Enthusiasts claim that Suver Haze smokes just like marijuana.

How to Store Suver Haze Hemp Flower

Suver haze is particularly mold resistant, but you should still take appropriate precautions in its storage. Keep it in an airtight container (Mason jars are great) in a dark place like a cupboard or cabinet. If possible, choose a spot between 77-86°F for best results. Hemp flowers lose their potency and quality over time, so don’t store it for too long before using.

Terpenes of Suver Haze Hemp Flower

Terpenes are the organic compounds that are primarily responsible for fragrance in plants, and are what give essential oils their strong aromas. Cannabis flowers are well known for and often categorized by their terpene profiles. The Suver Haze hemp flower strain’s dominant terpenes are A Bisabolol, B Caryophyllene, Nerolidol, B Myrcene, A Pinene, A Humulene, and Guaiol. These terpenes come together to create its fresh, earthy orange orchard fragrance.

Is Suver Haze Hemp Flower Organic?

High quality hemp flowers have to be organically grown. This ensures that the product is free from insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, and other chemicals that could ruin your experience and potentially harm you.

Collectively known as pesticides, the inhalation of these chemicals may be linked to respiratory issues and even Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome (CHS), which is known to cause nausea, vomiting, and abdominal pain in cannabis consumers. Fortunately for the farmers, the terpenes naturally present in hemp flowers function as an all-natural pesticide.

At Sweet Leaf Hemp Farms, you can rest assured that all of our hemp products are 100% organic, including these buds from the Suver Haze hemp flower strain. They are also free from toxic heavy metals. Our mission is to provide only the best hemp flowers online. Aside from flowers that look, smell, and taste amazing, we strive for the utmost in quality to surprise and delight our customers with each order.

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