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How Many Pounds of Hemp Flower Per Plant?

On average, one cannabis plant yields about one pound of hemp flowers.

The exact yield will depend on the strain, however, as some strains have denser, heavier flowers, and others have lighter, fluffier flowers. So one pound of hemp flowers for one strain may contain fewer actual flowers than one pound of another.

Tips for Reselling Hemp Flower

Hemp flower constitutes only about 2% of the CBD industry today, but it’s rapidly growing.

If you’re considering opening your own hemp flower dispensary (whether online or a physical location), the first thing you will need to know is that it’s a bad idea to look for the cheapest wholesale bulk hemp flower you can get just to maximize your profit margin. Hemp flower users are highly concerned about the quality of the products they’re consuming. Look for the highest quality, organically-grown flowers you can find.

Providing lab analyses for each of your flowers is very important to selling legally, as well as gaining and retaining the trust of your customers. Your wholesaler should provide lab analyses for each strain that they grow, but you may want to get your own third-party lab analyses to double check actual content and legality. This can become a bragging point that you can use to help advertise your store.

As with starting any business, you need to be aware of and familiar with your competitors. Research the average cost per ounce for hemp flowers of each strain. You don’t want to be significantly more expensive than them (unless your flowers are significantly higher quality), or significantly less expensive either, as that will throw red flags for your customers.

Is Reselling Wholesale Hemp Flower Legal?

As long as your hemp flowers contain less than 0.3% THC, it is legal to sell them anywhere in the US. However, research any additional regulations in your area, and take pains to strictly comply with them. If you plan to sell across state lines, keep in mind that you will be at greater risk for product recalls and punitive actions.

Things get a little more complicated online. CBD products are not allowed for sale on Amazon or eBay, and Google doesn’t allow advertising for them, either. Additionally, some POS softwares refuse to process payments for dispensaries.